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Today is Email Reading day, Wednesday. We have a little different story here from a visitor who is willing to share her Email Reading.


You can Google any pair of her cards to get more information on their combined meanings, or you can Google a single one. You can also purchase an email reading of your own – no history is necessary, only a specific focused question, and it’s low-priced. See all about it at the Email Reading tab up there. Lately, it may take several days to get your answer because more people are asking than usual.


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Today’s Client says:

  • I got involved with a public person (singer in a small community) and after a few disappointments, we stopped to talk, I got so overwhelmed that I started a creative blog to try to show my love, but things got out of control inside the community, and this leads to a conflict that restricts me to go back to the parties. Will he talk again with me, he has any interest in being a solution for the problem?




Question: Will he talk again with me; does he have any interest in being a solution to the problem?



Five of Pentacles – Devil – Eight of Pentacles

This is a problem in my job that makes me miserable.

This attachment is a problem – Devil

in my job – Eight of Pentacles

that drains me. – Five of Pentacles



Five of Cups – King of Pentacles – Six of Wands

The affect or influence my sexy image has on other people is a downside.

The affect or influence on other people – Six of Wands

that my sexy image has – King of Pentacles

is a regrettable downside. – Five of Cups



Empress – Three of Wands – High Priestess

My income is from feminine ladies’ sexy side.

My income is from – Three of Wands

feminine ladies’ – High Priestess

feeling goddessy, feeling their sexuality. – Empress



Five of Wands – World – Hierophant

I make every effort to be proper and not be in contact with a shapely woman.

I make every effort to – Five of Wands

be proper – Hierophant

and not be in contact with a shapely woman. – World



Ace of Swords – Page of Wands – Seven of Cups

No matter how crazy things get, I have to keep my clean-cut image.

No matter how crazy things get, – Seven of Cups

I have to be in total control – Ace of Swords

of being the good looking guy and having a respectable image. – Page of Wands



Nine of Swords – Four of Pentacles – Page of Cups

Maybe I don’t worry enough about this.

Maybe – Page of Cups

I am not enough – Four of Pentacles

worried about this. – Nine of Swords



Performers often ask dedicated fans to take down their web sites about them. There’s a strategy behind this, something about losing control of your brand. His concern here, according to Tarot, is his image.



Hi Emily 

Oh, thanks, Emily, this just confirms what I was thinking, and yes sure you can publish, I will soon send you more questions! Thanks  xx




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Our Daily Spread for Feb. 28, 2011

Feb 28, 2011 by

Rider Waite Tarot-2-28-11a

He continues to the good man he usually is, and she is in her own world

Two of Pentacles, King of Cups, World

Things are rolling along like they usually do.  He is calm, she is safe.
This is the usual routine, guys are relaxed and girls have no problem.
His being emotional and changeable is no problem to her, it’s normal.
She isn’t influenced by any negatives at all today, her guy has come around, all is well.
He is his usual affectionate self, and sometimes she shuts him out.

He is a traditional gentleman of good reputation, and she is above any reproach.  It goes on that way.
It continues to be nice and normal, there’s no problem with the agency.
Sometimes the bureaucracy is harmless and she has no problems.
She continues to shut out everything that is not-OK, so he is being a gentleman.
It goes on and on as it usually does, the good man has no problems.

It’s a nice normal day, and folks are being nice and normal.  He is relaxed and calm and nothing bothers her.  That’s IT today.  Have a nice day!

Meanings and Illustrations:

Two of Pentacles: ‘Keeps being’ whatever and ‘continues’ are frequent words for this one, and also ‘ups and downs’ or any kind of cycle.  The illustrations shows a juggler, and ships being tossed up and sown on waves.

King of Cups:
There’s those ships again on tossing waves in the background, and this fellow’s throne is surrounded by the wavy water.  He is wishy-washy, changeable, emotional, maybe a drinking man.  If he is aggressive, he is passive-aggressive.  The main thing is, he is a gentleman.  Often, he is the sweetheart, the good man.  Depends on context, like the rest of life.

World: Lots of phrases for her.  She is not interfered with, she has a bubble around her or shuts out anyone or anything, she is unapproachable, she has no problem, is safe, and she isn’t influenced.  The illustration shows a scantily clad lady dancing with her wands (symbol of spiritual power and her superiority) undisturbed by the monsters around her who don’t even look toward her.  There’s a barrier between her and the monsters, and she is used to that.  Let that be you!

Hierophant: Nice normal traditional, the usual safe day.  The pope is as inviolable as the lady in the World card.  No surprises here.  Advice is “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Rider Waite Tarot-2-28-11b

This house at night eases one’s fears.

Nine of Swords
Four of Wands, Ace of Cups, Hermit

He is looking out for his loving family, he worries for them.
A warm and supportive loving spouse, yet she has anxiety episodes.
Looking for something to worry about when you are safe at home.
Tightly-wound devout godly family.
You can see that everyone is safe, yet you are afraid and can’t sleep.

This house at night eases one’s fears.
Walking in the dark house at night with a light, worried about being safe.
Coming to the crying family member to reassure him/her that “I love you and there’s nothing harmful.”
Such a safe neighborhood for a worrywart; it’s patrolled at night.
A safe house run by religious for people with problems.

This spread says the same thing as the one above, with the addition that, yes, someone is upset, fearful, worrying or whatever, but, yes, everything is safe and normal and God is with you.  Advice is “Everything’s all right, don’t you worry” and also to reassure fearful colleagues and family members.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Four of Wands: Shows a wedding of powerful people at a mansion.  Family and house are featured here.  It can talk about headquarters and community other times.

Ace of Cups: Featured here is this Rider Waite Tarot card’s safety meanings.  No harm here.  God is in this house.  The illustration refers to the health and good life one who channels the presence of God enjoys, the blessing to the environment a  spiritual person is.

Hermit: The monk who looks for people in distress to help them.  That is this Tarot card’s illustration.  Here is is more to reassure people that there is no distress.

Nine of Pentacles: The nightmare card is toned down to worry here … and worry about nothing.  Its fangs are definitely pulled with the preceding cards all meaning some flavor of safety.  The illustration says ‘nightmare’ – up nights crying.

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