Tarot Is Do-it-yourself Access to Your Subconscious for Self-Discovery, and Here’s Why and How to


Please turn off your usual consciousness for a moment and just take in these concepts. You can throw them out later if you choose.


Most of your brain isn’t available to your conscious self. It’s why we call ‘subconscious’ and ‘superconscious.’ That is an established fact. It’s like living in only the kitchen of your home.


Hypnosis, LSD and some other drugs and other things like some meditation methods, activate (in a sometimes scary way) those silent areas of your awareness. Side effects are, well, side effects.


The way I see the obstacle to us being able to grab ahold of the parts of ourselves that we can’t reach while we are in our ordinary groove is this: It’s all about language.


Yes, language.


When we are two years old, our brain – courtesy of Mother Nature – is busy DESTROYING brain cells. Yeah, this sounds scary, but, strangely enough, if not enough of these cells are shed, we end up retarded in our development.


What is being shed is what isn’t used. You are only two years old, remember? – and we are throwing out brain parts you aren’t accessing. It’s also a fact that nutrition up to two years of age is vital to intelligence. The IQ a starved child would have had is lost – lost even to passing it on to the next generation, I read.


All right. Around age two, what are we up to? Our parents, if we are in ordinary circumstances, are teaching us language and teaching us categorizing and labeling things. You are a Person. Cat is an Animal. That ladder hanging on the side of the house is a thing. The side of the house is part of a thing. These ‘things’ do not move voluntarily, but you and the cat do, because you two are ‘alive.’ The sand there is … well … one thing made up of lots of small things. It moves but its movements are not voluntary because it is not ‘alive.’


These concepts are programming your brain. All those labels are making categories that, from now on, you will file information by. Without even being aware of it.


Your parents praise you and consider you smart when you learn the words for the categories. Good boy. Good girl. They’re right. You need to know those things.


Now you are a grownup. You want to access that 90% of your self that is dark to you. You don’t want to have electrodes put on your head for a laboratory to access your brain. You don’t want to have someone hypnotize you. You don’t want to meditate. You don’t even want to take those drugs. You want to do it au naturel.


What’s a guy or girl to do?


Here is my suggestion. Just me, okay?


The situation is: Your brain, therefore your awareness, has been programmed by language to be frozen into these categories.


You need a bridge to the undiscovered parts of your own awareness that have not been programmed by language. This bridge has to connect the language-oriented awareness to the ‘other.’


Now, you have to accept that part of the ‘other’ awareness is filed by images, pictures. There is authority for this. Most of what I read assumes that ALL of the subconscious or unconscious is filed by pictures or images. That, I feel, is an assumption that is unwarranted until demonstrated. I have not found a demonstration, have not even found an awareness of this possibility of yet another level of subconscious being inaccessible to physical awareness.


Okay. Here is my observation and suggestion, based on life experience.: Rider Waite Tarot is pictures, images, that are associated in mass consciousness with specific ideas, events, actions, thoughts, feelings and processes. Images that convert to text, to language. There ya go. Ta-da, the bridge. Many of the meanings arise directly from the pictures, too.


It’s not facile, it’s not easy, it’s not a walk in the park. (But, hey, it’s fun!) It is most definitely brain exercise.


If you go to ‘Learn Tarot by Pictures’ at the bottom, last category, at http://TarotVerbatim.com, you will see Rider Waite Tarot illustrations of four cards and what language each of those has to say … lots of things they have to say … demonstrated in utter detail freshly every day. It is a primer (first steps) to the process of building the bridge I speak of. Just relax and check it out. Repeated visits will build that bridge I am talking about. (I have been there and done that.)


The next part says ‘Learn Tarot by Observation.’ It is about the thinking … the subconscious blended with conscious thinking … that happens in your head looking at ALL the things those four cards can mean if you are experienced already in the individual meanings. Relax. You don’t have to ‘get it’ all at once.


Rendering those meanings from only language derived directly from the images is tricky. There’s no ‘filler’ words, so phrasing is sometimes awkward. Sentences are there under ‘Group Analytical Tarot Readings’ that demonstrate how you can do that. When you do that, you’ve got the translation – you’ve got ‘out there’ talking to you directly. I don’t know of any other way to accomplish this whilst still in your natural normal right mind.


Bon voyage.






  1. Amanda

    Hi Emily,
    Thank you for making it easier to understand and read the cards
    I got The Chariot, The High Priestess, The Star ( An I am an Aquarian) and the Queen Of Cups. I feel its telling me to have confidence in myself and don’t let doubt stagnate me, to use my wisdom and intuition but don’t lose sight of who I am in the process. I don’t know hey I have never got those three major acarna in a row before

    thank you again

  2. Jocelyne

    Hi Emily,

    Fascinating work. This makes a lot of sense. I did LSD twice in my life and saw everything differently afterwards and it led me to make made life changing decisions immediately. New perspective.
    Thank-you for your help and a great reading today.
    I did a spread after we spoke about the dude getting married….
    I got ” 7 of cups/3 of cups/10 of Pentacles/tower/justice/death/nine of swords/nine of wands/Emperor”
    Now if that’s not divorce in 7 months I don’t what is!
    I plan to get on board with your Tarot Courses tomorrow.

    Thank-you again, Warm regards, Jocelyne

    • I don’t have the formal lessons ready to release yet, but the sample lessons up in the navigation tab are very good. I did not proceed with that format because it’s always 3,000 words, and that’s more than most people can endure every day!

  3. jen

    love this system. THANK YOU soo much.

  4. Jaclyn

    Emily . . . you ROCK!
    The reading(s) you did for me the other night were amazing. I asked questions regarding 5 different people in under 25 minutes . . and you told me the WHOLE story. You nailed their histories, personalities, circumstance and past behaviors without me telling you any of that. Now I now know how to proceed to get a much more satisfying outcome in each situation.

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