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High Priestess + Ace of Pentacles

perfect lady
perfect woman, she is a lady
Mrs. Right
she is the right woman
the other woman is the right one

passive income/
gets money/income without doing anything
get her hands on the money
__ is in her hands
she accepts/accepted money
the money in her hands
she possesses the money
she has possession of
did not do anything for the $ [money/income] paid to do nothing
paid for what she knows
pay the woman/pays
she pays good money
lady gives __ the money
money she invested in
rich/prosperous woman
her money/the $ is hers/
the lady’s money
the money she
she has the money/she ‘has money’
the money she spent

gives/hands (it) to her
give the lady/give her money
give her a ring

secret money
hidden money/hide the money
quiet money

she knows how to make/keep money.
paid for what she knows

she knows everything
she knows the right … thing to do
she knows what is right

she is correct
keeps quiet about the correct

money given ‘the other woman’
mistress=paid ‘other woman
Other Woman gets the ring
gift to the other woman

successful as an expert
girl successfully remains where
xx the secret to success
a success in her own right
financial expert

her ideas/philosophy is right
spiritual path
perfect knowledge
valuable spiritual knowledge
success in occult/spiritual
success thru occult
spiritual success

she waits for a perfect
she waits for a better
handles (it) perfectly all by herself
lady will wait; it’s the perfect

she wins/lady wins
woman won

she is a success
successful female
successfully stays in place
succeeds by herself
” in a spiritual project
possession & ownership, there

do right because of her quiet influence
the right thing to do is stay

the ROAD to her place
private road
road expert
know the way/road
xx she, alone on the road,

gets it without doing anything
she doesn’t do anything but has money

succeeds without doing it herself
she doesn’t do anything to get the money

she doesn’t get involved; it is the right thing
best to not get involved; do nothing
xx The Other Woman gets the ring


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  1. Those lists can go below or above. People who want to learn can skim the lists and take in (subconsciously) the scope of the meanings.

    Thank you for your critique. CyberGoddess Donna has it in her inbox.

  2. Anna

    I’m not a fan of the lists at the top, they are not very meaningful in learning Tarot. But I really like the format with the bold sentences and the explanation of how you arrived at that sentence underneath it. I think I could learn Tarot this way.

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