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Honestly Emily,
Do you do these readings JUST for me? We had this conversation last time I called you . . and you gave me the fantastic guidance of course. Sometimes I feel like I have to check under my bed to see if you are there listening in on my conversation . . you are so right on.
– [comment on site]

I knew someone had been using my intellectual property for themselves but I wasn’t sure who the culprit was or why. Emily told me that it was my husband who was stealing the work and giving it to a business partner to whom he owed money. I didn’t know what to say, but she was dead right!

I asked Emily why my attorney wasn’t doing her job and getting me what I needed, she told me instantly that the lawyer was being bribed by my ex-husband, and she was right

I always check with Emily about everything before acting. It doesn’t matter if it love, money or family she always gets it right
– D

Best 37.50 I’ve spent in a long time!!

Emily is quick, professional and thorough. Her explanations make sense. She is great at what she does!

I highly recommend calling her.

Don’t waste time with those other “psychic” call lines. Just call Emily.

I just wanted to let you know that I received a payout in January. I sat tight, asked for an increase in the settlement figure and it was accepted.

The cards and your interpretation were accurate. The reading encouraged me at a difficult turning point in the proceedings.

If you would like to use this testimonial on your website, please do so!

Reflecting on the Tower – I think that is the final separation of the working relationship under dramatic circumstances.

Temperance – yes, negotiating. Successfully.

Many thanks. I am looking for work. I’d be interested in a phone reading with you. How much would that be?
– Samantha

Thank you so much for your insight to my question! It is exactly what happened to transpire regarding my job, and I work with my boyfriend so that made sense for that to come up. You may post this spread if you’d like. Thank you so much again!
– Isadora

Emily read for me over the phone today. I had one very important question and was so relieved to hear what she had to say. She is a very caring and intelligent lady and I recommend her!
– Connie Marcantel

I have been recieiving readings with Emily for over a year. She is highly accurate and is able to successfully pick up outcomes as well as read other peoples motives, thoughts and emotions thru the tarot. Emily is my go to reader and I highly recommend her, I’m always amazed at her accuracy even when things seem far fetched and hopeless she sees the truth of the situation. She is very gifted reader.
– Krista

Emily read for me tonight for the first time. I wanted to know about the big 6 questions on her site. As she read, it was hard for me to keep quiet. I didn’t want to feel I was giving her any information to feed on. Once she finished, I told her how accurate the reading was and why.

I’ve had readings before and have found most to be lacking. There was always something that wasn’t right. However, this reading was amazing. There were things I knew to be true and others she told me about. She gave a lot of details. Everything she said was true.

Her predictions, I am waiting to see happen. I look forward to future readings. I am glad I found her.
– Trina

Emily you are always so accurate on what’s going on in my life. I especially enjoy my ONE ON ONE with you. What an amazing experience!!!You can bet Ill be talking to you very often.

Terrific visit last week. I only wish many others coud find how your advice helps in the everyday adventures in life!!!
– Ron Davidson

Emily is absolutely awesome as a person and as a reader. She cares, but as a no nonsense attitude that makes for a great tarot reading. She has helped me a lot in all areas. As a client and reader myself I highly recommend Emily!

The Tarot Verbatim system is the best way to learn and read tarot! It is straightforward and easy to use. It saves a lot of time and headaches, especially when reading for yourself. It makes answers very clear. I have been reading tarot professionally for 14 years and this is the best system I have ever seen.

– Diana Black
Satori Nation

Thank you so much for the quick and prompt email reading the other day regarding my father’s car accident and settlement. I want to validate that the first 2 spreads of the reading were actually validating the first settlement that he received back in 2014, He only received 22,500 and that was not enough.

Now he has been waiting for his tort Settlement which is the big one and the cards in the last 2 spreads validated that its shocking how long it takes because he has been waiting for 3 years since October that just passed. So I assume that since the cards are pointing towards him wining big he is getting at least 100,000 and up. They are asking for 110,000 on the tort.

– J. D. B.

Emily is my favorite Tarot reader. I’ve purchased three email readings from her and will definitely be a lifetime customer. Her readings are clear, memorable, and easy to apply to the challenges I’ve asked about. I love that I can google any of the cards, or a pair and look at them in greater detail on her site. I highly recommend Emily as a resource should you find yourself feeling stuck and searching for a new perspective on what may be an old question.

– Kim

This is amazing. The last two questions I asked you, I also did a reading on and came back with most of the same cards. I’m not very good at putting them into a sentence, but this does make me believe even more than ever that there is something wonderfully logical about tarot. Thanks.

– D. L.

Emily did a reading for me when I was questioning the intentions of a man I had met four months earlier who was coming on strong, but who left me with a feeling of knots in my stomach. All four spreads she presented said that he loved me and was thinking of marriage – every single card. However, at the bottom of the reading Emily wrote something like

“Be careful, he might be draining your energy.

I had not told her what I was feeling. Sure enough, a few weeks later his true colors showed themselves. Turns out, he only stays with a woman for a few months, draining her, and then dumps her for another woman he has come to “love.” Thankfully, I was watching him carefully and when he started devaluing me and another woman seemed to be lurking about, I left him cold. Two weeks later this woman was declaring her love for him and he for her on the Internet. That little note at the bottom of a seemingly sterling reading was the kernel of truth I needed to be aware. Sometimes things can appear too perfect.”

Thanks Emily.

– Deborah Lovelace

A big hearfelt thank you to Emily and the tarot reading she did for me. Emily gave me the clarity and confirmation that I needed. I now will take the next step which is a big step but will resolve a fraught personal situation. I would definetely reccomend Emily. Thank you again Emily

– Charmaine

Two years ago, you did a reading for a friend. She wanted me to tell you it came true yesterday. She wrote down your reading and went back over it. You told her the guy would come back, but by then she wouldn’t want him anymore. Presto. Exactly as you said.

– Tabitha

Thank you for the last night’s reading. Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed. You helped me feel better, too. I appreciate it.

– Rebecca

Emily I am fascinated with your work. You remind of the Oracle from the Matrix movie, but with the sarcastic humor added. That makes your readings all the more engaging.

– Crystal

Hey Emily! My mom and I talked to you last night- I’m tammys daughter (from NC) Your blog is great! I came on here to write a testimonial about the great reading you gave me about my missing cat last thanksgiving, who you predicted would come back….and a month later he did. It was probably the happiest reading and outcome out of the many great questions you’ve answered for my mom and I over the years. I tried to write a testimonial and I couldn’t find where you click to fill out the form? Maybe I’m just confused. Thanks again Emily.

– Ginny

I received some exciting news! It was on point! I enjoy my readings! It be just what she said! Thanks Emily!^_^

– Vinecia

I believe you are completely, and poetically, correct. I’m not sure if your advice comes from readings or from your common sense, but either way, it is the truth. If you don’t mind, I’m going to stay in contact. I’m going through a major restructuring of my life and priorities, possibly the greatest redirection of my life, and I find solace and truth in your readings and methods that I do not find elsewhere. As a professional writer, I also delight in your highly creative, humorous yet precise writing.

Thank you.

– Debbie

I love your style of reading. It’s like it taps into universal consciousness and is so rational at the same time. Congratulations on your most unique take on tarot.

– Debbie

Ok, I have to let everyone that reads these spreads and the testimonials to let you know that this spread happened almost to the letter today, 5/6. He finally revealed to me his feelings and he kissed me 2x this morning after I asked him to fix my car. I am so excited beyond measure. Thank you Emily for showing me a glimpse of the future in these spreads and how they match my life.

– Tina

Great Emily! Thank you again ! I am very excited for this program , I have been studying and working on the cards and this system all this time, Making some progress! I am looking forward to getting ahead with tarot verbatim ! Thanks again for all the amazing work you do Emily ! xoxo hugs !

– Jennifer

This spread got me thinking all weekend as many of your postings do. Your insight and guidance have become very helpful to me. Often it is so spot on and accurate, i feel i have a secret weapon to deal with what life is throwing at me, both good and bad. Thank you!

– Pia

To me Emily is just the BEST BUSINESS ADVISOR ever. Her knowledge helped me to overcome huge crisis and win very difficult situation at work. She gave me the courage and power to make life changing decisions that I have a feeling will pay off for years. So, here is my story.

I have to warn you that it might look so fake as a testimony that people a paid for to sell whatever fast weight losing revolutionary shit, but actually mine story is 100% true and I have been given all the details of it by Emily before the events took place. Today I can hardly recall how I found Emily. I just remember it was some google and tarot word combination. Have been reading the blog for about 3 months, got hooked, than had 2 e-mail readings that cased real and empathetic contact with Emily and her wisdom so I felt welcome to come closer and try reading over the phone.

I did call when I was really desperate and stuck with extremely dangerous business situation. I had some project to be done. Had a partner Tom co-owner of the project on it. It occurred that he did secretly team up with other 2 people man and woman and wants to take over the project from me. What?! That was truly scary. The betrayal, I should, but I did not see coming. Being in debts, having no other projects, job proposals I felt like I am in danger of loosing everything. Have no clue how I did manage to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS to Emily to find solution. This has saved me. During the process I had 3 readings with Emily.

During first one she confirmed that this very powerful people think what I have is a precious, unique thing and want to seal it by bullying me, trying to destroy me, dominate me. That they are not legible partners but just bad money people with ugly behavior. The problem is that I owe the project but they have money to make it happen. Big letters saying FRAUD where in the air.

Emily instructed me that If they see I ignore their tricky proposal, I do not talk to them, they will feel forced to found my project without overtaking, which I can make happen keeping the mantra: YOU DO NOT MAKE MY DECISION and are you ready to found my project with me being the boss? But even if I would do that ,when the project will be under way they will try to attack me again. Case they think of me as a little girl. The actual phrase Emily used was: They will fuck me over at the time when I have no choice to escape they will just wait for the opportunity – pretext. She warned me that I will become a victim of a situation and have a lawsuit with them, would have to use a lawyer and fight hard to enforce my contract. Here I panicked and thanks God I did ask the key question: Will I manage to get project finished without those invaders? The answer was absolutely clear – 9 of cups!!! Yes!!! YOUR WISH IS GRANTED! You will get what you want out of it.

I will be calm, cool and ready to be a partner with… 3 of cups meaning 3 parties – 3 musketeers. I will have the money and control over the money. I will be home owner. 3 musketeers will be helping me and putting a lot of effort to make it happen. The ex-partners will be out of the deal and very upset about that case they loose a very successful thing that has something unique that will sell. Next question was how will I find new partners. Emily said: networking among people form the business and that I WILL BE APPROACHED by somebody who is very polite. The guy, gentleman sweet and softy.

Assistant of someone who has the money. Those new people will meet my demands and I WILL BE SEDUCED by them. So I did hell of networking just having faith that it will work and as Emily said this people will come out of nowhere and find me. Nearly a month later after not talking much to first partners I got a written offer from them and started a series of meetings where they tried to force me to their vision of making business. After two meetings there was to be the key one – confrontation I was afraid of case I had to say no to very powerful people. Called Emily again and got her advice. She told me interesting detail: YOU WILL BE THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE ROOM. Why, is the other one already out? Very unexpected.

Emily was right again. She also predicted I will be threatened money cut of but it will be a BLUFF!!! Case they want it go ahead and make big money on it they already realized the project guarantees. Than I will have 3 more stages of negotiations ( yes, they took place 100% accordingly to details Emily described) and if I stick to my NO! I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN MAKE IT WITH YOU attitude GREAT STROKE OF LUCK because of it will happen ( Wheel of fortune). Those new partners will come to me. This will be a financial group entity with lost of connections and not the one I think of. Also not only them will approach me as I will become the talk of the town that gets people interested case “little people like me do not sand up to the big bulls like I had to deal with”. Emily said that it will be a big spiritual lesson a mile stone for me.

I would have to STAND UP AGAINST THE WORLD and have nerves of steel to achieve my goal and to grow as a person. So after the second reading I was first approached and than seduced by people I did not know before but they are the best and financially most influential professionals in my business and they are 3 of them – as 3 of Cups card said before. Also there are more people calling me giving the job, offering money case I become famous. Finally my third reading was on big task – splitting with Tom.

Emily calmed me down again saying MY WISH IS GRANTED and it is gonna be so quick and easy that I will even not think, nor remember about the guy. He would want to meet my demand and will loose everything. I will be IN CHARGE FREE & HAPPY. Yes, we seen each other only once: He wanted to be paid off, that I already knew from Emily and now we are done.

She told me I will be so glad at the result of the whole process and I can tell you I am already but have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a extreme change of my life, THANKS TO EMILY!

– Helen

I’m loving these spreads…. I am so not the patient type but I better learn to take it easy and relax…. I take a 30 minute lunch so I will try giving u a call then and hopefully ur not busy.. Thanks Emily!!!

I am the woman in Emily’s “Psychic Emergency:  Life-saving Message”article.  I was on the phone with Emily.  My husband came home with a pizza.   I hung up with Emily.  I wasn’t hungry, and my husband ate half.  I was running around doing things in my house.  Emily called several times, and I was not able to answer the phone.  Emily called again and yelled into my answering machine “I am trying to get your attention.”  I finally called her back.  Emily told me not to touch the pizza; that he had poisoned it. Emily gave me the idea of taking it to his mother’s house, who had a live in nurse; and to make sure that I told my husband, as soon as he got out of the bath, what I had done.

Upon his finding out what I had done, the blood drained from his face. He ran out of the house in, shall we say, his bath skirt.  He ran into the front door of the mother’s house, grabbed the box of pizza, asked whether Mother had eaten any, and ran out the back door, box in his hands.  The next day the nurse called and said “There is something wrong with his head.  He ran over here half naked.” To this day, they still can’t figure out  whatever made him do that.

When I first met Emily in l997 I was–I refuse to call myself stupid–naive.  Thanks to Emily!  She raised an already middle-aged woman.  Due to her persistent effort, I benefited in many ways. Where do I begin telling you?  Would you consider having your life saved as important?  Well, Emily has saved mine several times.  While I was on the telephone with Emily, all of a sudden there was a person  on my roof!  I was at a loss.  I was angry.  I was going out there..  Who are these people?  Emily told me.  “Just stay indoors! ” That was an order..  “The weather will take care of it.” The day had been very peaceful, quiet, sunny.  The night, no threat of storms.  Suddenly, very suddenly, there was a thunder Storm, and lightning struck the roof of my house.  My house did not go on fire. But there was the sound of something sliding down the front of my pitched roof.  There was a man whose shirt was on fire, when I looked out to see what dropped off of my roof.  He then got on a bicycle and pedaled away very quickly. I am keeping this stuff short.

Emily told me late at night in a blizzard to go to a house I was afraid to be in, and take original papers that left me money out of the safe, copy them at Kinko’s, and put the copies back in the safe. She said my sister was going to forge the originals, to cheat me, which did happen.  She forged copies! (LOL)  Long story short, that one trip netted me $180,000, half of my parents’ house, after my father died, which my sister was going to claim he left all to her.

Then my father left me a money inheritance.  For over a year I was trying to get it from the sister’s lawyer, who had it in trust for me…no success.  Thanks to Emily’s knowledge and “gift,” I saw immediate results (to the tune of a $144,000 check) after Emily gave me the words “Writ of Bodily Attachment” –to give the head of the law firm’s secretary those words in a message. That was on a Friday.
Saturday morning there was just one envelope in my mailbox.  The glue was still wet. A uncancelled stamp was on it.  So not only has she saved my life several times,but I also gained $144,000, a total of $324,000 which I would have been robbed of.

Emily lives in a mixed kingdom; Emily has many different animals and is able to have them live happily. Do you know I thought Emily’s geese were in her house?.  Then I was told they were outdoors.  Have you ever heard a bull elk bugle!  The animals appreciate their lives thanks to Emily.  She knows, she has a gut knowledge of what is needed.  I take care of many birds, and I should have known I had a problem and I couldn’t figure it out.  Emily did cards for me and told me to move one particular bird to a diferent place.  The problem was resolved. Emily knows the potential of people.  She asked me what my credentials were.  I told her.  She kept it up, for me not to waste my education.

How would being employed as a professor in a very prestigious university teaching microbiology and DNA research sound.  nice salary.
thanks, Emily.
I have been getting readings from Emily for a long time and to say that she is accurate is a gross understatement. Whether matters of the heart, business or just to get a read from a person.. try her you will be glad you did
– Samuel Fennell


I like to read the daily blog at the end of the day. At first I read them in the morning and too many coincidences would throw me off balance. I modified my reading to the evening to reflect on the events on the day. Some like to know before it happens. I like to reflect with confidence.
– Natalie
You are a true inspiration Emily ! Your ability to integrate your insight with the spreads of your magical Tarot cards is admirable !I recommend you to any one who needs a more clear understanding about their lives and the choices they might have !Thank you for being a part of my life journey !
– Jacob D
Emily . . . you ROCK!
The reading(s) you did for me the other night were amazing.  I asked questions regarding 5 different people in under 25 minutes . .  and you told me the WHOLE story.  You nailed their histories, personalities, circumstance and past behaviors without me telling you any of that.  Now I now know how to proceed to get a much more satisfying outcome in each situation.


Nice website and great “philosophy”, it’s been a long time since I practiced “Tarot” in the fashion you describe, it brings back memories to see your method illustrated and explained.

Happy “spring equinox” to you and yours…

– Eso Man
I think what u are doing is amazing .. your writing is impeccable. You are a very strong and inspiring person ..
– Nicole from e p.I
thank you so much for a wonderful reading,today.You helped me to have a better understanding of my relationship once I knew the purpose for it.This means so much to me.You see,I’ve learned over time that “it’s usually about the story,instead of the happily ever afters” this is where I have learned to keep my gratitude for my relationships,instead of placing expectations on anybody.I couldn’t help but laugh when you were describing the other person’s thoughts/feelings.You nailed it to a tee.It was exactly the same way he expresses himself with the same words,so it kind caught me by surprise.Again,it was a pleasure to talk with you today,along with the extra perks you told me about,too.Thank you!   Cindy
Emily, Today’s Tarot was spot-on for a woman I know who is dealing with a bully. I am going to send her links to your website. Your amazing accuracy with Tarot is so much appreciated.
– Love always, Ava Goldman

– Sue
Emily is special.  She changed the course of my life.  Her advice about bite guards and lozenges was spot on too.

You were able to answer all his questions and bring him the peace that he so desperately needed to hold him together. I recommend only those that want the same…. call Emily. You wont be disappointed. Thank you, Emily
– I have known Emily since 1993
What can I say about this remarkably intelligent woman accept her ability to connect with any person or situation through tarot has never been any- thing short of spectacular.

I have read with other psychics but there has never been or ever will be someone who has mastered the art of tarot reading like her.

She taught me years ago that, in tarot, one needs to be aware that there are two different plains from which predictions surface in a layout. The subconscious which may never make it to the reality of a true prediction coming to fruition and an earthly prediction which is what is supposed to come to pass but may not be as “glamorous” as the subconscious prediction because the person being read isn’t in tuned with the subconscious. No psychic I have met has ever figured out this formula while reading tarot and this makes her readings as authentic and accurate as I have ever seen!

Emily has become a true master of this craft and reads the card lay outs as sentences that are precisely what the person is being read about at the moment is thinking. Even  more astonishing is that I have heard them voice those exact thoughts or words just hours after I have spoken with Emily! She is absolutely amazing at defining the identity of the connection with relationships and even more so at being able to instantly define the personality of the person being read as if she knows them!

She has an extremely unique way of reading and I will say that not she has never wavered on one prediction in all of these years and every single thing has come to pass for me! She has really saved me from making some bad decisions through the years regarding love relationships. I would like to add that she is magnificent at reading business situations. Very accurate there too. I appreciate you and your talents Emily, you have been a wonderful mentor through these years!
– Patricia

The first two sections make sense for me.

The next few weeks will tell. Nice and light today. phew.

Interesting and helpful, thank you Emily.

“I got over the pain with that cute fellow I wanted even more.”

That one line says it all for me today!

Thanks Emily!!

Wow Emily! Right on, and more than I thought you’d come up with.
don’t know why, I’ve been calling you for about 12 years).

Thanks so much and talk to you soon.




  1. Connie Marcantel

    Emily read for me over the phone today. I had one very important question and was so relieved to hear what she had to say. She is a very caring and intelligent lady and I recommend her!

  2. Krista

    I have been recieiving readings with Emily for over a year. She is highly accurate and is able to successfully pick up outcomes as well as read other peoples motives, thoughts and emotions thru the tarot. Emily is my go to reader and I highly recommend her, I’m always amazed at her accuracy even when things seem far fetched and hopeless she sees the truth of the situation. She is very gifted reader.

  3. Trina

    Emily read for me tonight for the first time. I wanted to know about the big 6 questions on her site. As she read, it was hard for me to keep quiet. I didn’t want to feel I was giving her any information to feed on. Once she finished, I told her how accurate the reading was and why.

    I’ve had readings before and have found most to be lacking. There was always something that wasn’t right. However, this reading was amazing. There were things I knew to be true and others she told me about. She gave a lot of details. Everything she said was true.

    Her predictions, I am waiting to see happen. I look forward to future readings. I am glad I found her.

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