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Ace of Pentacles   Knight of Swords   Hierophant
Ace of Pentacles – Knight of Swords – Hierophant


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Stories about changing lives. Lots of stories – a very full plate. Money changes things, whether it’s enough money for a decent life now, enough to turn things around, whether it’s fast money, or good money … or whether it’s making the best of *what is* for a change. We speak of doing what benefits us: He goes to church because it benefits him; he turns nice when it benefits him. Pursuing what you are entitled to, full speed ahead, is playing by the rules: If it has ‘your name written on it,’ claim and possess it for yourself. Circumstances change people … and that’s you? Mind your driving: We talk about the road and road signs. But the main message here, to me at least, is pursuing what’s real … what’s real to you right now … and that may change down the road. We have both religion and spirituality today too.



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Tarot Verbatim is the place for learning the Language of Tarot. Here you will learn to talk with Tarot. To access the thoughts and views others have of you. To receive the wisdom of Tarot.

With over 2500 posts in which the meaning of cards are given, and numerous pages that lead to the exploration of the meanings of Two Card Combinations, Tarot Verbatim will teach you the deepest meaning of Tarot.

Whereas most Tarot Reading Systems rely on “meanings,” Tarot Verbatim relies on the Picture Language of Tarot. Each card represents specific words and phrases. When combined with other cards, Tarot speaks in Sentences. By learning the language of Tarot, you are allowing Tarot to Literally Speak to You!

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