Since 1993, I have been giving  people accurate analytical  psychic Tarot readings as the owner of the business. In 1980 I began inventing and discovering a way Tarot speaks word for word, gives incredibly detailed answers to specific questions based on language, based on phrases the Rider Waite illustrations create, that blend with one another to make sentences. No one else does this; I discovered and invented it. This method actually indicates how accurate the answer is when the full 13-card spread is used. Won’t bore you with the details, it started out as a science lecture, and it was a hobby for more than 10 years while I owned my court reporting office, doing technical reporting, in south Florida for 25 years.

This background means I am familiar with business deals, business thinking, and political thinking through those years of court reporting them. Not to mention being familiar with things legal.

Then my husband retired to the wilderness to be an elk rancher. No court reporting jobs there… or any jobs. So I turned my hobby into a business and it all turned out very well.


Well, my forte is getting quickly, dead-accurately, and in detail inside the heart and head of anyone you are dealing with – be it lover, family, friend, pet, *superiors or coworkers or clients at your employment*, neighbors, people you are suing or being sued by anyone past, present or future.

That includes how people COLLECTIVELY (as a group) view you as well … say ‘all the people that were at the party when such-and-such happened’ or ‘anyone involved in the decision of my job interview.’

This ability applies to unknown people as well … to whodunits. What was the motive of the person who stole my (whatever)?  What did the people at the bar see when the incident happened?

Do you wonder what he was thinking when he disappeared even years ago? or what is going through his gut when he drives past your house? Or why he acts the way he does now? Or how his ex-wife feels about you or his mother feels about you?

Want to know why? Why anything:

Yes, I do this! Motives! Attitudes! Feelings! Subconscious drives! In glorious detail, right down to the nitty-gritty.

Do you want to know what you will see him do? – Why he acts the way he does and how that make sense to him? And what the best way to handle that is, for you – what to say if anything? – how to behave for the next week or month? What will happen if you text him/her one more time?

Would you like to know what would happen if you did three different things… which would work best? Do you want to know how pleased you will be six months down the road if you move to, say, two different cities with two different jobs? I can get into YOUR head and your feelings six months from now and tell you that.

Are you ‘the other woman’ or have one in your relationship? I am totally accurate on “His View of You and His View of Her,” what you will see him do, and what best to do to make it happen your way.


Show you how you are bigger than your world. Are. Not ‘will be.’ Give you the sense of humor to have about even lousy circumstances … Oh, yeah. What would make life easier right now?

*Where are you now and where do you want to be?

*What is it you want to prevent? To accomplish?

*Who are you now, and is that who you want to be?

*What are your dreams telling you?

(and P. S.: I don’t use books or computer helps, or anything to analyze your dreams but your own dream logic. I use insight.)

You can train people to treat you the way you want to be treated, a step at a time. Yes, you can.

In short, Tarot analyzes your situation and shows you where the fix is. When you identify patterns in your life, you discover what your next step in personal and spiritual growth is. By solving the situations you find yourself in, you find yourself. You find your steering wheel, and drive on down your road. Right now there is something that, if you knew it, you would be at ease… something that persists in the back of your mind like an itch – an itch for an answer.

Together we find and scratch, we get to that answer. We get to it through what is bugging you right now.

Together we dissect that uneasiness in such a way that it’s your hands on its controls, and you have attitude that works.

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