So you're thinking about an Email reading....

Advantages of Email Reading

'No, she didn't just repeat what I said.'
'I only pay $18.75, that's it.'
I can't get carried away.
It's in writing: I can't forget.
Forward it to a friend, or parts of it.
I get the picture, I can Google the meanings.
PayPal has my credit card, not a psychic -
She doesn't even know my phone number.
Maybe I won't give my own name out.
Can ask about someone without naming them.
It's impersonal: No voice for her to go by.
No spirits involved, no energy reading here.
(See Sample Reading Below)

Disadvantages of Email Reading

It's not a live conversation.
I have to give one specific question.
What if I don't know how to apply this information?
I might have to wait for the answer.
I want more!

Advantages of a Phone Reading

I get to vent, to explain.
I get to know the type of person I'm talking to.
I can build one question upon another.
I call; she answers; we're on.
I don't have to set up another payment; I'm a customer.
I get useful information that isn't in my question.


Emily does not need names, birthdays, or any background to give you a direct detailed answer. The category of life, and the gender (if it's not obvious) is all she needs from you, and one specific question. You can give whatever information you want, of course – your choice, but not necessary. Is the question about a love interest, a relative, someone on the job, parties to a lawsuit or business deal? - that kind of thing. That's it. (You can say whether a love interest is married, if you like. That way, if marriage cards show up, it's easier to interpret.) Email readings have to wait for a quiet calm time, so you may wait a few days.  You will get an answer within a week.  Sometimes the same day, but do be patient.

Here Are Some Good Questions

* How does this person see the situation; what is his perspective and attitude toward me and/or toward our relationship? (Specify the gender:  If it's a woman you ask about, write 'What is her perspective ...?'  This question gives you general detail. We are in the other person's head and heart.

* For a question dealing with more than one person or a group of people: What is their perspective and attitude toward me and/or the relationship, transaction or situation we are in?  (Specify what you are asking, don't just copy all the choices - the relationship, or the transaction, or the situation, not all the above!

* What will I see this person/these people actually do in the real world in the next, say, three months? (Specify which it is - this person' or 'these people.'  This question is from your point of view, using your definitions of the words. ('Love' means different things to different people, for instance.) This question is action – 'do' – not thinking and feeling.

* If you ask about whether a person loves you, specify whether you mean in the other person's definition, or yours.

* Tell me about my business in the next, say, three months: How pleased will I be with it? Will I make a profit? Will it pay its bills?

* The joint view (of me and my competence) of all the people at work who have a say in my getting ahead there. (Of course, you do not have to know who these people are.)  A sister question to this is: Will I get a raise; will I be promoted?

* If I leave this job, six months down the road, will I feel that was a good move?  If I move away from this town (or neighborhood, etc.), how pleased will I be that I did that, in the next (whatever time period you want to address)?  This is an all-encompassing question; the answer can include factors you don't know about now, so may be unexpected.

* Who should I be, and how should I act, to make something (Name the goal here.) happen the way I want it to?

* I have some choices here. How will I feel looking back (say, six months) from now if I choose Number One? - Number Two? - Number Three? (This question is best over the phone, but it can be done as an Email. As an Email reading, if you pay $18.75 for EACH choice, your reading will be in more detail because each question will have all the cards to itself.  Paying for one reading, each question will have three or six cards, depending on how many questions there are.

Tarot Verbatim™ is language-based and literal. Your Answer will be based on your exact question. 'What's up?' isn't a question for Tarot Verbatim™. The free Ebook on this site will explain that fully.

If you pay $18.75 and ask more than one question you will receive the answer to the first question you ask.

General Information about phone readings:

If you want to 'know it all,' it is cheaper to telephone and pay by the minute. Emily's experience reduces the time.

The charge for telephone analysis of your situation is $3.75 per minute. The telephone number to call is in Idaho:   1 (208) 993 1897.

Of course you don't pay for the time it takes to verify your credit card; and you can use PayPal if you prefer. (Emily has been an American Express and other credit cards merchant since 1993.)  Unless you prefer not to, Emily will ask you what you want to know and how much you want to pay, and there is no charge for that.  That procedure saves you money, usually.  Your reading begins with the first question, and Emily will announce when your reading time begins, fear not. You can say to end it any minute.  You are the boss.

Even by telephone, writing out and organizing your questions usually saves money and minutes. You can end the session at any minute you choose, and be billed only for the time talked. Remember you are paying while YOU are talking as well as when you are getting your answer.

A reading doesn't have to be long. Long-time clients call for updates, asking a single question or two, for as little as two or three minutes. You're the boss; you know (1) what you want to know and (2) how much you want to invest in the information. If you announce those two things at the beginning, Emily will tell you how that can be accomplished (if it can). We will have a plan.