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Immersion into the card of your choice.  Know it intimately, not just ‘what it means.’  Experience its emotional tone, its spectrum of meanings and how they relate to its picture, what themes it belongs to, the things it says – and the words it says with certain other deckmates.  Experience all this in such a way you know where this card fits into the Tarot story you are following.  You have ‘reached out and touched’ this card.  Enough of this, and you are on your way to becoming an expert.  This card you know like you know a person introduces you to other person-cards seamlessly.  And it all fits into how you are reading right now, and grows with you.This Tarot training is not you memorizing each of the 78 cards; it’s you getting the knack of being conscious of each illustration as it connects to other cards’ illustrations. That prompts your insight and gives you the knack of sensing (from the subconscious) what that set of cards is talking to you about.

Experienced Tarot readers report that Tarot Verbatim™ adjusts smoothly to whatever way they are reading now. It enriches their Tarot experience and their Tarot expertise. One of those practicing Tarot readers writes about that, which you will soon see in Lesson 1.

Rider Waite Tarot is a data bank in mass consciousness that you access with your subconscious, and Tarot Verbatim is the Rosetta Stone that creates a bridge from your subconscious to your everyday awareness … and the bridge gets wider and smoother as you continue using the highway. (It’s a Rosetta stone because your subconscious registers the image, and your daily awareness registers the words and phrases that image calls to mind.)

Each includes an exhaustive list of words you can use as a reference in your readings! Words that have appeared for the card or pair of cards before in the Tarot Verbatim site. So you can use them as reference material in your spreads!  Each card, and card combination has a nifty slogan too.

We are also offering a special lesson for those moving beyond Tarot as a hobby to giving other people readings and want to be as  professional as possible. This lesson from our Pro Series is about avoiding and sidestepping the common pitfalls that make a reading less accurate, even when it’s insightful. This lesson is designed to PREPARE YOU to provide true professional services.

Ready to start? You have a choice of 24 available lessons. Each Lesson is comprised of You Meet a Card and the Card Meets Three of Pentacles. You can also purchase the lesson from our Pro Series, 20 COMMON FACTORS TO TAROT BEING WRONG, and how to avoid them. Each Lesson is only $8! We look forward to sending you your first lesson!


“Amazing! I started Emily’s Tarot Lesson’s today and that is the word that immediately pops into my head. I have been struggling to learn tarot, especially putting cards together. I have quite a bit of tarot knowledge but Emily blew me away with her first Tarot Verbatim lesson. I finally really “see” how the cards can combine, reflect a theme, tie together… how they speak! Wow!! I learned so much more than I even imagined I would! I recommend these lessons to anyone who wants to learn … to make your tarot speak!!! Thank you so much Emily!!!!”-

– Anonymous