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Wheel of Fortune

Two of Wands

Ace of Swords

A miracle will happen for sure.

A miracle happens – Wheel of Fortune
will – Two of Wands
for sure. – Ace of Swords

Wheel of Fortune means both ‘a miracle’ and ‘it happens.’ The illustration shows the Hebrew letters for what translates as Jehovah or Yahway in English. They are interleaved with ROTA, which is the word for Wheel of Fortune in Roman times. Since the letters are in a circle, they also read TARO and TORA (Tarot and Torah). Rota is the root word for English ‘rotate.’ The goddess of luck, Fortuna, is of course associated with the Wheel of Fortune, so this card refers to luck, fortune, destiny, coincidence, and what happens. It may translate any form of ‘happen.’

Two of Wands translates as the future, in words or in tense of verbs.  That is because the man in the picture, who ‘has the world in his hands,’ is planning on what to do with all the real estate he owns below his castle.  It also means ‘a plan’ and ‘for sure,’ so this sentence means the same without Ace of Swords. (That happens in Tarot.) Today Two of Wands is ‘will,’ a verb that is future tense.

Ace of Swords’ main concept is total victory, which of course is total defeat for the other side. You can’t miss the meaning: Not only is the sword crowned, but the crown is crowned with laurel leaves for victory. One of Ace of Swords’ meanings is certainty, so today we use ‘for sure.’ Two of Wands also commonly translates ‘for sure,’ so we have an emphasis on that.

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