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The Rider Waite Tarot™ deck is a data bank in mass consciousness that your subconscious,  relating to the pictures and parts of them, communicates with.  Tarot Verbatim™ is the Rosetta Stone that makes that communication easy because it is a bridge between conscious and subconscious thought.  When both your levels of awareness focus together, you think intuitively in real time.

Whereas most Tarot Reading Systems rely on “meanings,” Tarot Verbatim relies on the Picture Language of Tarot. Each card represents specific words and phrases. When combined with other cards, Tarot speaks in Sentences. By learning the language of Tarot, you are allowing Tarot to Literally Speak to You!

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Tarot Readings for You for February 2-3, 2021©

by Emily | Guidance | Tarot Verbatim

Seven of Cups
Page of Pentacles
Seven of Cups – Page of Pentacles – Temperance

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You know we’re all crazy, right? I have my own for-my-eyes-only side; I know that because of the effort to classify and not publish those parts. But, yes, all of us have that. And it’s not just sex and religion; it’s everything. And isn’t it a delight when up comes someone whose more-bizarre notions and feelings match our own far-out spectrum? No matter what else that fellow or gal believes, or who they are living as, there’s a bond of comfort between us two.

These readings are about you and the people around you. They are about today and the days around it. To access the entire reading, including the sentences that comprise the full Guidance offered, click below

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What Can Tarot Verbatim™ Do For You?

Quickly, dead-accurately, and in detail tell you what is inside the heart and head of anyone you are dealing with – be it lover, family, friend, pet, *superiors or coworkers or clients at your employment*, neighbors, people you are suing or being sued by …anyone past, present or future.

Once you know that, it’s time to find out how to create the outcomes you desire. Which is exactly what Tarot Verbatim™ does. In short, Tarot Verbatim™ analyzes your situation and shows you where the fix is.

You can access the knowledge to use this method yourself through our Learn portal or receive Readings from Tarot Verbatim’s creator, Emily.

For those in a hurry to decipher a Three Card Spread, one whose meaning escapes you, we offer Shortcut! Send your cards and topic to Emily and you’ll receive your personal Tarot Verbatim™ interpretation of your spread within 24 hours!

Isn’t it time you knew the Truth?

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Emily gives good solid advice that works. Even when what she tells you something you don’t want to hear, she says it in a way that you start to laugh at yourself and move on.


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Ten of Cups
What if I told you that, with very little effort, you could see a little every day of how Tarot operates – not just what it means, nothing cerebral, just a little fun or enjoyment, something to perk you up? Well, we got it!

Every day you get a three- or four- card spread, the sentence it has meant in some reading, and how each of those cards got together to say that nifty little message. For eight bucks.

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I got the idea and am loving writing them at this very moment.

You’re gonna love this! – I do!

Judgement Eight of Wands

Well this is refreshing! A short and simple way to grasp meanings of cards in a simple spread! Learning comes easily in snippets of info readily accessible to the next card, without getting bogged down in too many other things. Easy peasy to zero in on what the subconscious is doing! Affordable and fun for something that arrives EVERY DAY! This is a great value for what you receive! I look forward to seeing this in my inbox in the morning.
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Just by reading Guidance, you  begin Learning Tarot Verbatim. Each new  Guidance Post offers a lesson on how that Guidance was derived from a Tarot Card Spread. You can go beyond that by utilizing our advanced learning opportunities.

  • Tarot Email Training    –  These Weekly Lessons delivered via Email will take you on a magnificent journey through Tarot.  These lessons include deep meanings of the cards individually.  You will also receive full lists of the words these cards place into the sentences.  Sentences  that make Tarot Verbatim a unique and powerful method.
  • Individual Training Lesson  – To see how powerful the Lessons are you can try them out  by purchasing  this lesson.  We recommend starting with Three of Pentacles, a card you may have discounted in the past. This lesson will explain why Three of Pentacles, a card that has probably come up more often than you thought in your spreads, is your natural tour guide through Tarot.
  • Members  – Gain  access to thousands of archived Posts where lessons in Tarot Verbatim are a staple. For only $5 per month you’ll have access to all of these tutorials.
  • Two Card Combinations  – Another benefit of Membership gives you access to our Data Bank of meanings given when two cards are combined. An easy to access and thorough opportunity to gain unprecedented knowledge about all things Tarot.

There are 6006 possible Two Card Combinations. The meanings of many of those combinations can be found within the 2500 plus Posts in our archives.

There are many combinations that simply don’t come up very often. Therefore they may not have been in any Posts. But we’re not going to leave any hanging.

We’ve begun to put a new section on the Combinations Pages. In this section you will find a link to a page with Rarely Found Combinations. It’s a work in progress, less than 600 of 6006 possibilities to go, and we’re on it!