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Just reading Guidance, you begin Learning Tarot Verbatim. Each new Guidance Post offers a lesson on how that Guidance was derived from a Tarot Card Spread. You can go beyond that by utilizing our advanced learning opportunities.

  • How Tarot Verbatim Works – This page will give you the fundamentals of how to use the site and how the Tarot Verbatim Method works. it’s a great place to start so that you can navigate the site and the Method effortlessly!
  • Tarot Email Training – These Weekly Lessons delivered via Email will take you on magnificent journey throught Tarot. These lessons include deep meanings of the cards individually. You will also receive full lists of the words these cards place into the sentences. Sentences that make Tarot Verbatim a unique and powerful method
  • Individual Training Lesson – To see how powerful the Lessons are you can try them out by purchasing this lesson. We recommend starting with Three of Pentacles, a card you may have discounted in the past. This lesson will explain why Three of Pentacles, a card that has probably come up more often than you thought in your spreads, is your natural tour guide through Tarot.
  • Tarot Easy Pieces – Daily Three or Four Card Spreads with full explanations sent to you daily!
  • Members – Gain access to thousands of archived Posts where lessons in Tarot Verbatim are a staple. For only $5 per month, or $50 for an annual subscription, you’ll have access to all of these tutorials. Two Card Combinations – Another benefit of Membership gives you access to our Data Bank of meanings given when two cards are combined. An easy to access and thorough opportunity to gain unprecedented knowledge about all things Tarot.

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it is just so cool what you did…..
when i was 13 or so, i came in a bookshop across the crowley tarot and
was highly emotionally impressed. but i didn’t understood a single
thing that the books were saying. and now you come and everything
makes sense!!!!!

– Anika Hellriegel

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