Our Daily Spread May 25, 2011


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HOW TO USE THE MATERIAL WE HAVE FOR YOU HERE. Read the sentences, the TAROT ANALYSIS, and pick out the ones that seem to apply to you, to the people around you. They are a Tarot analysis of your day’s circumstances. As the day (or several days) unfolds, you may find the information is relevant. Some of this information refers to a longer time period. The question is: “Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.” Often, your adopting the attitude you feel in the blog works for your day! Some days are ‘keep an eye open’ and some are ‘green lights.’

Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean even contradictory things. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are less specific, more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. Especially when a pronoun is in parentheses, feel free to substitute.

The Advice section sums up a general meaning of all the sentences. It is the favorite of most of us.

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Queen of Swords, Three of Pentacles, Fool

Meanings and Illustrations: Observation of the Spread

You can tell at a glance that three four cards are not going to make a variety of stories. We have two old people, or a complaining woman and a powerful man (tyrant/government overtones), which are the Queen of Swords and the Emperor. Queen of Swords and Emperor are two old people with controlling or disagreeable attitudes.

Then we have the Fool ‘Oh, don’t bother me, I don’t know’ kind of thing. He is youthful and probably actually young. And right in the middle is the deal (or relationship, or meeting).

Fool and Emperor are both not listening, for two very different reasons: Emperor is too important to pay attention to you, and Fool is oblivious by virtue of youth.

So at first glance, there’s something unfair that is the subject of a complaint, and Authority is not listening to it. And there’s no second glance, that I can see. All the sentences state this idea in its various nuances.

Meanings and Illustrations: Individual Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Queen of Swords is resentful of the way she is being treated: She does not have and is not getting what is rightfully hers. This makes her the ex-wife, the old mama-bat, the bitch … all those stereotypes we aren’t supposed to think of. She means complain, and kinda means ‘petition’ as in petition a grievance.

The illustration for her is this older looking woman sitting sternly erect on a throne with a baby’s face on it (The card somehow means she is a grieving mother.) Her mouth is set in a straight line (Don’t you love the subtle way Pamela Coleman Smith draws facial expressions?)

Three of Pentacles is a deal, a meeting, a meeting of the minds or agreement, a contract,business, and a relationship. Its illustration shows the architect’s final inspection with his clients of the building, a cathedral, prior to his final payment per contract.

Fool is the ‘Don’t bother me with the facts’ dude. Don’t know, don’t care, just let it go, just let it be – just anything. He is that fella who is prancing off the cliff with his puppy dog. These days, he would have an earful of music.

Emperor Here come da judge. This is, say, Al Gore or Bob McCain, or, The Man, the VIP. He is too important to listen. He is a tyrant, whether family or by reason of some title. He is ‘the Old Man,’ the Establishment, the father or father figure: very rigid, overcontrolled … constipated is my word for these folks. At best, he is what I call the ‘old farmer’ type: a stolid person who truly reminds you of a farm animal you can respect.

Emperor is pictured heavy set on his throne which has rams’ heads on it, sitting upright, wearing robes over armor and a crown. His eyes are directed to his right and his lips are pursed in disapproval – to me.

Advice is to be leery of dealing with authority – whether father, boss or president – because you won’t be heard, it will be oblivious and ignore your petition. Don’t go to the meeting. That could refer to a job interview. Don’t be party to an agreement or contract with government: it won’t do what it agreed to. Don’t even bother to complain. This refers to a particular meeting with a rigid dictatorial type.


Assume, when you deal with government, that you won’t get what it agreed to.

The old man is oblivious to what his wife is entitled to in their relationship.

The old boys assume females they deal with will be doing without.

They are in power now: The deal is off, and we don’t care if you whine.

Daddy doesn’t listen to mama complaining about how unfair he is to her.

She may as well be militant, she is dealing with the tyrant.

He shortchanges her in the deal as if he isn’t doing that.

Mr. Big isn’t at the meeting when she complains.

The boss has no idea they are complaining about the deal.

He has no idea the old lady is mad, he assumed she agreed to his terms.

Government assumes you are not fair to older women.

Don’t bother complaining about the terms he dictates.

Meet with the head government man, he doesn’t listen to your petition.

Don’t even bother to meet with the old man and the old lady.

Ignore the old lady’s complaints about her relationship with the old man.

He has no intention of doing his part in the court ordered agreement to pay the victim.