FOOL as the Zero, the Cipher


The Fool Card, Tarot Card Meaning

FOOL. Zero in a math system is the cipher, the place holder that has no value of its own, but occupies space meaningfully and unobtrusively. Fool echoes those concepts in its meanings, and in its applications. It represents nonphysical, subliminal, super- or sub- conscious levels of awareness; it represents assumptions and faith, an open mind, the unknown, optimistic possibilities (‘anything is possible’), a mind ready to assume and act upon the mysteries, a zoned-out or autopilot consciousness. Fool even means ‘not present.’ Fool is the hypothesis stage of scientific inquiry. Fool is the assumption.

Fool is free and freedom, optimism. Fool depicts the concept that a physical human person who is living in ‘out-there’ reality is exempt from harm. Think ‘God protects fools and drunks.’

Naturally, Fool is the start of something, being the zero. That’s a fairly rare meaning in my experience.

As a person, Fool is an optimist, usually young, a naive person with a ‘let it be’ mentality. It can also be some careless heedless person who isn’t looking where he or she is going.


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