How Does Tarot Verbatim & Work?

How Does Tarot Verbatim Work?

  1. Each Card has several words or phrases that it, (the Card),  is speaking to you.
  2. Choosing which of its words or phrases is dependent on
    a. The Question
    b. Other Cards in the Spread
  3. There are no reversals in Tarot Verbatim
  4. Though you can use Tarot Verbatim in conjunction with other methods of reading Tarot, it is not like other Methods. It is about Sentences, Phrases, Words. LANGUAGE.
Here’s an Example

Question –  What is he doing about his current marriage?


Knight of Swords – He hurries to then hurries from
Five of Cups –  a failed
Four of Wands –  marriage.

If The Cards Were Just Slightly Different, the Answer Could Have Been:

Knight of Wands – Leaving
Five of Cups –  a failed
Four of Wands –  marriage.


Four of Swords – Staying in
Five of Cups –  a failed
Four of Wands –  marriage

For more examples and to learn how the Tarot Verbatim System works, visit Tarot Talks,  Click on the titles of the Posts when you reach the page. Starting with Tarot Talks I, at the bottom, may be helpful in learning how Tarot Verbatim works.

Just so you can see the beauty of the method, you can check out the Two Card Combinations for Fool  Click on any of the links under Lesser Explorations of Fool to view. We’ve done all the heavy lifting there for you, going through the archives and pulling up all the combos we could find. Eventually we will have this done for all cards. In the meantime, we wanted you to see how much valuable information Members find every day on

How Do You Find Two Card Combinations?

You Start With A Search Through Our Archives, Either Through The Search Page or Two Card Combinations Page in the Learn Section (please see how to decipher search results below)

The Posts Within Our Archives Have Many Examples.

Some Meanings of Combinations May Be Evident, Especially in Later Years. In Earlier Years, You May Have To Work It Out.

If You Cannot Find The Two Cards Together, Look Up their Individual Words And Phrases And Put Them Together.

In Later Years, When Looking For The Meaning Of A Combination, Scroll Down To

Here Are Phrases For All Three 2-Card Combinations

How Do You Decipher Search Results?

Search Results, and The Links on The Two Card Combinations Pages,  Are Lists of Posts That Contain The Combinations You Seek.

They Are Usually Listed With Titles and Excerpts From The Posts.  The Titles Read As  “Tarot Reading For You” … with a date or  “Our Daily Spread” … with a date.

Click On The Title to Reach The Content.

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