How To Speak With Tarot For The Best Result


Read the pictures as words directly. Tarot is a bridge between your regular ol’ conscious mind and your subconscious or even superconscious mind. You talk with your subconscious when you use Tarot, and the longer you stay on the bridge there between consciousnesses, the stronger the bridge becomes.

The purpose of my site and my work is to establish the fact that you don’t need spirit guides or anything paranormal (unless you consider the subconscious paranormal) to obtain useful detailed focused information on a subject of your choice. I establish that the phrases that grow out of Rider Waite’s illustrations, when you directly read those pictures as words, build a bridge connecting the conscious and the subconscious. Therefore, what you access is your own, and you can proceed to discover your Self, including its moldy corners you would just as soon not air.

And if you do use spirit guides, you can use this Tarot verbatim way of reading the pictures directly as words when your spirit guides’ phone is on airplane mode.


Tarot Concept: Temperance

Temperance applies pouring water and wine together to the blending of two into one (not to moderation or abstinence in alcohol). Two parties who are...

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