Learning to Drive Your Mind Begins with Intuition


Learning to Drive Your Mind Begins with Intuition

Learning to drive can be so awkward; even re-learning to drive can be. You have to coordinate what you are doing operating the vehicle with looking ahead at where it’s going. You have to develop a set of reflexes for this task that work together smoothly. You will run into things if all you pay attention to is what’s right next to you and what’s outside the side window; you need that farsighted windshield view to get ahead.

Foresight operates along the lines of the same principle. The cross-currents, undertows and riptides that are poised to complicate your days ahead if you bump into them evidence subtle signs that you can notice, if you look for them, right now, so you can steer away from those areas. Likewise, opportunities go unlabeled, marked, at most sometimes, by a mere inflection in someone’s voice, or an ad in an odd magazine at the dentist’s office.

No one teaches us to drive through the day with an intense antenna up for the signs of warning and opportunity. This skill set is similar to the reflexive knack we learn to have for driving places.

There is a place in your mind that is now only a sliver of your consciousness that will record and report these signs to your operating brain. Experience is the teacher here, and the longer you live, the more of an archive of raw material you have stored up in memory that the budding reflex can refer to, can look up parallels in.

Some of us read people effortlessly; the rest of us have to study up. Some animals are intensely aware of human motives because they can be our victims if they don’t watch out. Female humans are more aware of the lay of the social land than male humans are, for that same reason. (Females are more aware of being followed – ask anyone who does that afor a living.)

The awareness you cultivate in order to have this foresight that will improve your day-to-day experience is the beginning of you organizing your psychic intuition. Those little tip-offs you discover in tones of voice, gestures, and minor actions or remarks of people you encounter are the beginning of psychic insight. Aha moments signal insight, of course.

You are accessing a sliver of subconscious, the part of it that knows what is ahead, knows where things are going. You have taken a thimble to this ocean of awareness, and what’s in the thimble is invaluable. Imagine what the ocean is worth to you ….