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Immersion into the card Page of Cups. Know it intimately, not just ‘what it means.’ Experience its emotional tone, its spectrum of meanings and how it relates to its picture, what themes it belongs to, the things it says – and the words it says with certain other deckmates. Experience all this in such a way you know where this card fits into the Tarot story you are following. You have ‘reached out and touched’ this card. Enough of this, and you are on your way to becoming an expert. This card you know like you know a person introduces you to other person-cards seamlessly. It all fits into how you are reading right now, and grows with you. This Tarot lesson is not you memorizing the card; it’s you getting the knack of being conscious of the illustration as it connects to other cards’ illustrations. That prompts your insight and gives you the knack of sensing (from the subconscious) what that set of cards is talking to you about.

Experienced Tarot readers report that Tarot Verbatim™ adjusts smoothly to whatever way they are reading now. It enriches their Tarot experience and their Tarot expertise.

The lesson includes an exhaustive list of words you can use as a reference in your readings! Words that have appeared for the card before in the Tarot Verbatim site. So you can use them as reference material in your spreads!

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