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Tarot reading 12-22-10

Tarot Spread for Dec. 22 2010

Due to hackers needing desperate attention, we are having some technical issues so Miss Emily has asked me to post a Tarot Verbatim Classic for September 23-24 2018 (Diana)

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Knight of Wands, Temperance, Ten of Pentacles

This is the first spread.  I didn’t want it to be so ‘down,’ so I appealed the verdict:  I made the second spread which is further down.
Travel overland to be with close family who are not getting along.
Really hate going to be with intimate partner’s dysfunctional family.
Leaving parental home because of all the problems about the person I am close to.
He is in deep trouble with the family because of who he associates with.
He pursues relationships which are dysfunctional and hateful.
This is one evil bunch of people he pursues association with.
Gets out of an intimate relationship because of all the problems with others (families, friends, etc.)
Escapes all the family problems by associating himself with his friend/intimate partner.
Pursuing a relationship with one of THOSE PEOPLE is hideous.
On the road, the couple encounters a disaster with some gang members.
Running away from a deeply troubled relationship with my intimate partner.
Running away from my troubles with family and close friend.
Running away from trouble with intimate partner’s family.

Tarot Reading for 12-22-10a

Second Tarot Spread for Dec. 22 2010


Three of Swords, Two of Pentacles, Queen of Cups

Leaving home because of one fight after another with the lady.
She knows he is a brat who has one quarrel after another.
Her kid(s) keep making (them) mad.
In the process of a divorce, she thinks of the child/children.
She knows her kid is going to encounter hostility over and over
She puts the idea that this will be fun out of her mind:  They hate her.
She keeps being sweet to people who are against her until she gets out of their house.
She knows there will be one quarrel after another until she leaves the house.
She is nice, and her idea is to just have fun as there’s one fight after another.
She keeps thinking of avoiding the bad atmosphere.
She understands that kids always fight.
She understands that there’s always some way out of the fighting.
She knows how to fight them, but maybe can escape that.

As you can see, the message for the day is people not getting along who are in a house together.