Tarot reading 1-19-11

Oh, it’s a wonderful day all day, lucky you!

Nine of Cups
Three of Wands, Wheel of Fortune, Nine of Pentacles

You are minding your business and wonderful things are going to happen just the way you want.
The businesswoman is going to hit upon something that will give her the income she wants.
Being the only woman there really pays off for her, it doesn’t get more wonderful than what is happening.
She is single and has everything she wants, and her luck will continue that way too.
A windfall is happening to her, she will be rich right where she’s at.
The leisure she wants is happening to her now and will continue to happen.
Because she is there income is optimized, and she is well rewarded.
A lucky event creates the future of having the home you want.
He is so lucky to have the woman of his dreams:  It is happening.
The ships come in that he waits for and he strikes it rich, has the woman of his dreams.
He made – with luck – the kind of money that he can have whatever he wants, including this independent classy dame.

Here three cards mean ‘big payoff’ and one shows a wealthy woman who can do whatever she wants (independent).  How many ways can you say “You have it made.  The jackpot you are waiting for comes in and is yours”?  She could be his jackpot or she could be the one getting the jackpot.  (That is because we are asking a question that does not name the parties.)  The Three of Wands speaks of a future and continuing income, and the Wheel of Fortune means ‘happens in the best possible way.’  The Nine of Cups is excess wealth and being satisfied.  To that we add a lady who has plenty and is a lady of leisure.  I would say buying a lottery ticket might not be a bad idea …