Our Daily Spread for Jan. 29, 2011


Rider-Waite Tarot reading 1-29-11

Looking for a job, maybe out of town

Eight of Pentacles
Page of Cups, Six of Swords, Hermit

Avoids asking for help, every time.
Know to avoid doing something stupid.
Dummy will get over it and learn how to do it professionally.
When he is dumb about how to do something, he looks for a way out of doing it.
Looking for some way to get out of doing the same thing over and over.
The way to avoid questions is to demonstrate doing it.
Ask for help, but times will be better on the job.
Would be silly to leave when there’s professional help coming.
Keep doing (it) the same way, the way you know how, to avoid looking foolish.
Now he is doing the honest sincere things and isn’t suspect anymore.
Looking for a job, maybe out of town.
His job is to look for people who left under suspicious circumstances.
Keeps asking people who are leaving for help.
Inspect the work so maybe things won’t be as bad.
The helping professions make weird situations not as bad as they were.
Why look for a job when you will be leaving?
Avoid something stupid, his job is to watch you.
He keeps teaching, why doesn’t he just leave?

Well, today’s Saturday, and this talks about work, job. It’s fairly miscellaneous, too. Maybe I will do another if I have time.

Illustrations and Meanings:

Page of Cups refers to a question or to asking. It tends to mean ‘duh,’ stupid, awkward, silly – or to feel those ways. Embarrassed. Suspect of suspicious. A fellow dressed inappropriately who has a fish in a cup: The illustration tells you these meanings.

The phrases used for this Rider Waite Tarot card today are: asking; something stupid; Dummy; When he is dumb; some way; questions; Ask; silly; looking foolish; suspect; maybe; suspicious circumstances; asking; maybe; weird situation; Why; something stupid; Why doesn’t he.

Six of Swords: People who are all wilted-looking on a gray day are being paddled away from shore, leaving the place behind. The idea is the past is so bad the future has to be better or at least not as bad.

Phrases for the Six of Swords today are: Avoids; to avoid; get over it; a way out of; to get out of; to avoid; times will be better; to leave; to avoid; isn’t anymore; out of town; people who left; people who are leaving; things won’t be as bad; not as bad as they were; when you will be leaving; avoid; just leave.

Hermit: The monk goes out at night looking for travelers in need of help. He is wise, spiritual, honest, sincere, kind, humble, and has practical knowledge, down-to-earth how-to. He shows the way, he demonstrates his skills. He is celibate, and is an old man.

Phrases used here for the appearance of this Rider Waite Tarot card are: help; know; learn how to; looks for a way; Looking for some way; demonstrate; help; help coming; you know how; the honest sincere things; Looking for; to look for; for help; Inspect; helping; look for; watch you; teaching.

Eight of Pentacles: The workingman is turning out one wooden model of pentacles after another on his work bench. This is a person’s job or profession. This is repetitive action or repetitive motion. This is working class.

Phrases for the Eight of Pentacles today include: every time;doing; do it professionally;  to do something … doing it; doing the same thing over and over; doing it; on the job; professional; doing it the same way; doing; a job; His job; Keeps; the work; professions; a job; his job; He keeps.

The message today is that you have help getting out of something, putting it behind and getting on with the day (or the life) by understanding the silly side and/or by asking questions. Getting out of it may be by leaving, and work or a job could be a concern in this respect to some of you.

Well, duh, leave this job and go looking is another thing you could make of these four Rider Waite Tarot cards. These cards admit of several interpretations. Maybe you can apply all or some of them to your circumstances.

Rider-Waite Tarot reading 1-29-11

Lover is doing affectionate silly things

King of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Lovers

Emotional ups and downs about what lover will do.
Emotionally unstable when he started this love connection.
He in the throes of making himself your emotional partner.
The partner may or may not act like a gentleman.
Lover is doing affectionate silly things.
Sometimes the gentleman makes the connection and sometimes not.
Sweet natured guy starts one love affair after another.
An affectionate guy starts a love affair one more time.
He goes round and round about being the man who loves (you).
Being in love; makes him do foolish things.
He contacts (you/her/a partner) over and over in an emotional way.
Sometimes he does warmhearted things that bring you two together.
He initiates affectionate contact with his partner over and over.

Meanings and Illustrations:

King of Cups: His throne is a concrete slab floating on flowing water, he wears a fish on his chain necklace, has a cup in his right hand and an mild somewhat bleary look. Emotional man, maybe a drinker, mild mannered and bureaucratic.

Meanings for this Rider Waite Tarot card are: Emotional; Emotionally unstable; your emotional; a gentleman; affectionate; the gentleman; Sweet natured guy; An affectionate guy; being the man who loves you; being in love; in an emotional way; warmhearted; affectionate.

Two of Pentacles: Round and round we go, tossing and turning, over and over, foolishly dressed and juggling, a lighthearted activity. Is that a dunce cap we are wearing?

Meanings that appear here for this card are: ups and downs; unstable; in the throes; may or may not; silly; sometimes and sometimes not; one after another; one more time; round and round;  foolish things; over and over; Sometimes; over and over.

Lovers: Well, there is more than meets the eye to this Rider Waite Tarot Card, more than its title.  Contact, connection, partner, divine protection, guardian angel, sexual energy (naked couple + a volcano), standing next to one another, a couple.

Phrases this time around for this one are: lover; love connection; himself your partner; The partner; Lover; the connection; love affair; love affair; the man who loves; Being in love; contacts a partner; you two together; contact with his partner.

Magician: Man who does, makes, initiates or starts, brings about or brings down. He is seen raising his mighty wand to initiate some action, a symbol of infinity above his head like a halo.

Meanings for now for this card are: what he will do; when he started this; making himself your love partner; act like; is doing; makes the connection; love affair; a love affair; being the man who loves (you); being in love; He contacts you; he does; you two together; contact with his partner.

Well, this is pretty simple, huh? The dude loves you and is coming around, but you can also expect glitches in his behavior. The dude is pictured here as a good man overall.