Tarot Reading Jan 3 2011

Is it as good as it seems?


Seven of Pentacles
King of Cups, Star, Page of Swords



It seems this guy is so emotional, so excited, so in love.
Why am I upset doubting my guy’s affection when he talks about how he loves me?
Maybe I should worry when the government says things are so promising.
Should I tell him? – he’s so emotional, he will get all riled up.
Does he really love me like he says? – I’m on pins and needles.
This may be a crisis in the news about government.
Calm man is excited:  Can he believe the good news?
He is calm but I guess he is excited about the good news.
Why am I so enthusiastic when the quiet guy is so on guard, so guarded?
Why am I nervous?  He is a good man who says good things.
Why am I on guard when a bureaucrat is so optimistic?
He is so rah-rah, so excited – Why so emotional?