Our Daily Spread for Mar. 27, 2011



Ultimatum to make our love legally binding

Six of Pentacles, Lovers, Ace of Wands

The lover that treats you right is the right one to have sex with.
Have to give me the legal paper to be my sex partner.
To be his/her partner, there has to be a court proceeding.
Ultimatum to make our love legally binding.
Has to pay his/her love partner in a court proceeding.
The right thing to do is order your love partner to do right by you.
Lover feels entitled to get sex from you.

Legal protection has to be given.
Lawyer has to pay the other party.
Enforce his/her rights in a court of law.
Lawyer’s partner has to do the legal proceeding.

Not much you can do with this.  Two cards refer to court proceedings, ‘legal’ or ‘lawyer,’ things like that.  Also means ‘entitled.’  Then the Lovers card means partner, lover, love partner, and not much else in this context.  And the remaining card means ‘enforce’ or ‘have to’ as well as ‘sex.’

Advice here is to not have sex until a legal proceeding (a divorce, naturally, is what that likely is) is underway, to give that ultimatum.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Six of Pentacles: Legal proceedings.  To give, or to be given.   With the justice card, the serving of legal papers is suggested.  It means to give the appropriate attention as well.  Illustration shows a man with a scale paying his workers to the penny what they have earned.

Lovers: Love partner, partner, lover are the most frequent phrases for this.  Connection and protection are two others.  Illustration shows an angel overlooking a naked human couple, a volcano between them, and the snake in  the tree behind the dame.

Ace of Wands: Have to, ultimatum, sex, enforce.  The hand with the board in it, a board that looks like a penis sort of, and is sprouting.

Justice: There’s the legal scales again, and the meaning of this card could not be more obvious.


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