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So you’re thinking about a phone reading with Emily…

So you’re thinking about a phone reading with Emily…

You Can Choose the Number of Minutes You Want, You Can Also Purchase 30 to 180 Minutes And Pay For It Later! Want to know what it will be like first? It’s what you want it to be.

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What do you want to know?

Ask a question, a little one or a big one that’s all … no background, no explanation … no birth dates or names, and here’s your detailed accurate answer.


You can use ‘The Three Questions’ (see below) because they work so efficiently together, and average 10 to 12 minutes, and analyze one relationship of any kind.

Ask a question about a situation with a person, any situation with any person or persons and here’s your accurate detailed answer from that person’s mind, heart, gut and soul. Because Tarot is talking to you word for word, a conversation, and Emily is the interpreter.

Stop when you want, the charge is by the minute & your budget counts. The question that gets to the heart of the matter, and saves time and fuss, Emily knows and tells you; we’re efficient around here! We discuss what you want to know, beforehand, too.

Tarot accesses subconscious; that’s where the information comes from – and the system of Tarot discovered and developed by Emily Tarot Verbatim™ is mechanical, logical and language-based. No spirits need apply.

Advantages of a Phone Reading

1. I get to vent, to explain.
2. I get to know the type of person I’m talking to.
3. I can build one question upon another.
4. I call; she answers; we’re on.
5. I don’t have to set up another payment; I’m a customer.
6. I get useful information that isn’t in my question.

*You can see it right here on this site.*

Emily has life experience (the facts are below) to advise you about anything, not just your love interest, not just personal stuff, but anything at all, including business and legal situations, spiritual and esoteric matters, personal growth and development – like a coach would. Emily has 40 years’ experience with Tarot Verbatim, 26 years of professional practice in Tarot Verbatim, and incredible life experience to advise you about anything She really knows types of people and what they do, and can identify them for you! Together, we find your fix, and you’re off with the steering wheel and the map. You can call right now if your time is Eastern Time 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. Central Time Noon to Midnight Mountain Time 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Pacific Time 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 208-993-1897 The charge is still only $3.75 per minute. Emily has been a credit card merchant through banks since 1993, and you can use PayPal and Stripe too. You can choose a number of minutes, and pay here, or CALL 208-993-1897 and give Emily your card information to verify.

Thank you for reading this!

These are the common stopping places for telephone readings. Many first-time callers are ten or twelve minutes, often asking ‘the three questions I speak of here: Longer readings are those of you who have lots of questions, those of you who have lots of things to say, and major projects like criminal investigations and analysis of some major event.

Here are ‘The Three Questions’ that generally average no more than 12 minutes:

1. We go into the head and heart of the person or persons (or organization) you are dealing with and discover for you: motives; intentions; attitudes, perspectives toward you in this situation you share with them. How he or she or they feel(s) about you in their heart, in their gut. 2. In the real world of action, what will I see this person do? For this question, you choose a time frame – any time frame at all. (We are now talking facts and action, and addressing the future.) 3. What do I do and not do; who do I be and not be, to make this happen the way I want it to? (We are now asking about strategy for you.)