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This is what we’re all about! There are three ways to get a reading from Emily

Phone Readings – Emily has life experience to advise you about anything, not just your love interest, not just personal stuff, but anything at all, including business and legal situations, spiritual and esoteric matters, personal growth and development – like a coach would. She really knows types of people and what they do, and can identify them for you!

Email ReadingsIt’s in writing: You can’t forget. You can see which card said which phrase, so you can use Two-card Combinations to get even deeper meanings.

Shortcut! -For those times when you need a little help with your cards, but aren’t interested in a regular reading.


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So You’re Ready For A Tarot Verbatim™ Reading?

I actually sent you a question for an email reading instead as I was just keen to hear a second opinion. I read tarot and have been deriving a lot of insight from your site, it’s an amazing way to approach tarot and I can see how much sense it makes. You’ve really opened my eyes to a new dimension in my relationship with tarot. So thank you so much for that.

I find it hard to be objective with my own readings, especially when it’s related to matters of the heart, hence why I decided to send you an email question. I could see from your site that you are skilled and I trust your ability to be objective. Whatever the answer may be, I’d rather hear it straight rather than allow my subconscious mind to kid itself!

Thank you Emily

–  C.E. Jones

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