What Was in it for Him?

Everyone wondered how this sweet-natured good-looking man put up with Torina the Terrible. Torina owned this huge clubhouse on the golf course with its restaurant and bar, spa and the works. She reminded me of Catherine the Great – same looks, same bombastic overbearing personality, and the voice of a drill sergeant, to complete the picture.

How she humiliated him. He was required to be present fawning on her every evening at the casino, at the restaurant, everywhere. She called him a gigolo, she called him her boy … What didn’t she call him? He was always all dressed up for these nightly appearances.

One day I got to ask him how he endured Monster Lady … and why. She was not in any of the questions he wanted to know about. He wanted only to know about his golf game, whether he would ever get good enough to be a pro golfer. He already knew: He was almost.

This man lived for golf. Golf was his love, his only love. Here he could play on a pro level course all day – yes, all day out there doing what he loved best. Practicing his game to his heart’s content.

Did Torina know he was cheating on her with the iron in his hand?

Perhaps we should occasionally ask ourselves ‘What’s in it for him or her or them?