The Sorcerer’s Apprentice story, the inspiration for the iconic film ‘Fantasia,’ is illustrated here. Magicians calling up spirits (and professional exorcists as well) wear black wool robes to insulate themselves from otherworldly entities, so that is what you see here.

Both the Sorcerer’s Apprentice story and the Pandora’s Box story tell of a good spirit among the mischievous ones, whose release is delayed, who is stuck in the container when the person closes it … locking the barn door after the herd gallops off. Things are ‘way out of control right under his nose. The baddies get a head start, you see (and ain’t that the truth), but the good spirit speaks up and is released in both stories – and that fact may apply to there being a delayed reprieve, or a delayed solution, to the mess in your Tarot inquiry.

See the veiled cup in the center there with the red line around it? – that’s the good spirit, called ‘hope’ in both stories. And that’s a focal point to Seven of Cups.

So the moral of the illustration here is that there is hope when things go wonky.