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Tarot Readings for You for February 2-3, 2021

You find yourself overwhelmed by the ideas of a person you are acquainted with. This person is weird to you – or at least this side of him or her is. But here you are sharing the wild and crazy ideas you have – sharing that side of yourself with this person. This relationship is giving you a lot to think about.

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Tarot Readings for You for January 29-30, 2021 Friday-Saturday©

I’m meditating on the invisible social walls that surround us. If I want to break into a circle of friends who impress me as the kind of people I would like to become accustomed to being around, I see I cannot bring some of the people I know now. I have something in common with both styles of people, both camps, but they do not fit with each other at all. What shall I do? Thinking about shutting people out of my life to be with you.

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Tarot Readings for You for January 17-18, 2021 Sunday-Monday©

Stories about changing lives. Lots of stories – a very full plate. Money changes things, whether it’s enough money for a decent life now, enough to turn things around, whether it’s fast money, or good money … or whether it’s making the best of *what is* for a change. We speak of doing what benefits us: He goes to church because it benefits him; he turns nice when it benefits him. Pursuing what you are entitled to, full speed ahead, is playing by the rules: If it has ‘your name written on it,’ claim and possess it for yourself. Circumstances change people … and that’s you? Mind your driving: We talk about the road and road signs. But the main message here, to me at least, is pursuing what’s real … what’s real to you right now … and that may change down the road. We have both religion and spirituality today too.


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