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What Emily can do for you quickly, accurately, in detail: read the mind and heart of anyone.

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Here Are 3 Things Right Now That Emily Can Do For YOU:


by Phone

Ask a question, a little one or a big one! No background, no explanation, no birth dates or names, and you get a detailed, accurate answer! Tarot is talking to you word for word and Emily is your interpreter!! It's as short or long as you like. Emily can find your question if you are not sure too. Call (208) 993-1897


by Email

Sample Emily's ability for under $20. 6 three-card spreads that identify which card said which part. Email is perfect for you if you think you'll get carried away on the phone! You will have it all in writing, and you can't forget anything! It's anonymous and impersonal: no voice or energy reading!



Reading for yourself can be tricky, especially if your emotions are involved, and you are not being objective. Send me those 3 cards and the topic if any, and get a quick response. Shortcut! is perfect for you when you need a little help but aren't interested in a regular reading!

What Can Tarot Verbatim Do For Me?

Your conscious mind reads the language, the meanings of the Rider Waite cards you look at. Your subconscious connects the pictures and the emotions that the cards have in common to mass consciousness, to data banks in mass consciousness. Tarot Verbatim™ is a bridge between conscious and subconscious thought this way. Those pictures get together with one another to make exact word-for-word phrases in Tarot Verbatim™. The Tarot Verbatim™ system is the Rosetta Stone that makes ESP communication smooth and exact. Whereas most Tarot reading systems rely on "meanings," Tarot Verbatim™ relies on Tarot's picture language. Each card’s picture represents specific words and phrases. When combined with other cards, Tarot speaks in sentences. By learning this language of Tarot, you are allowing Tarot to speak to you fluently word for word! You are also allowing your subconscious to sync with your conscious mind more and more so that you go through your normal day with new insights, connecting dots you never connected before.

Tarot VerbatimTM quickly, and in detail, tells me what is inside the heart and head of anyone (or any group of people!) I am dealing with—be it a lover, family, friend, pet, superiors, co-workers, clients, neighbors, anyone I am in a lawsuit with, enemies ... anyone past, present or future! Their motives, intentions, attitudes, how they view me, what they want. Anyone, even if I am not now dealing with them. Once I know these things, I discover the way to create the outcomes I want to see, if that is possible, which is exactly what Tarot Verbatim does. Tarot VerbatimTM analyzes your situation, puts the steering wheel in your hands, and shows you where the fix is.

How Does it Work?

Learn to Use Tarot Verbatim™

Several options for expert guidance from Emily, the creator of the Tarot Verbatim™ system.


Become a Member

FOR DOING YOUR OWN READINGS OR LEARNING TAROT Here is where you access Two-Card Combinations, access huge and growing word lists of both single and two-card words and phrases, and access all ten years of the daily guidance posts of Tarot Verbatim.


Tarot Easy Pieces

Exercise for your insight muscle that makes you feel good! 2 minutes, 200 words every morning to wake up and enjoy. A picture of 3 cards, a sentence they mean, that sentence showing which cards say what, a paragraph for each card explaining how the PICTURE on the card said that, and then what each pair says without the other card. You learn life situations AND Tarot Verbatim effortlessly. AND a free Forum with new content every day where I mentor you. Pithy Pairs are there!

You Becoming An Expert

A Course is Coming for you to read Tarot word for word for other people and yourself at the Expert level.

To qualify for that training, subscribe to this: Two-Card Combinations; Tarot Easy Pieces; Buy a single lesson each week; join the Forum and comment and participate actively; also use Shortcuts for some of your spreads and call for a telephone reading in which we apply which card said which part of your answer.

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