ME: “Tarot, TALK to me!” What can I do to have a clear message every time I ask you something?

Tarot: Fine tune your Tarot. That’s not for every casual reader.

ME: What’s the best way to fine tune?

Tarot: The question is King. Ninety percent of a clear accurate answer is a question that is tailored to produce that best answer. The question must be dead-on, each question in the series of them, if you’re going to rely on the information in the message. The question must state the time frame involved, and from whose perspective the answer is. (Whatever distinctions I, Tarot, do not normally make have to appear in your question!)

ME: I’ll work on that. That is a skill it takes time to develop.

Tarot: Get someone who knows already to tell you. That is a short cut. Saves you years.

ME: I’m listening. What else works for me to hear what you have to say clearly?

Tarot: Well, your meanings for each of my cards, and for combinations of them, must be YOUR words … must be the way you talk, the way you think.

ME: Gee, how do I achieve this?

Tarot: Best way is to practice. Keep in practice. Stay tuned in. Think in Tarot … get yourself there. Practice asking questions you know the answers to, and ask that question over and over so you get not just one way I express something, but several ways, or even all the ways I say that.

See, asking questions you know the answers to makes the meaning of each card obvious. You tend to remember that meaning when it is that ‘known’ and that plain!

If you expand the Celtic Cross spread, it produces three parts that repeat one another to the degree the answer is accurate. These repeats instruct you on the ways I can say the same thing as I make distinctions. It’s a big secret about this accuracy check in Celtic Cross. Never been done before that you could gauge how accurate your information is. That also tells you that you have read it right!

ME: Wow. What can you tell me about the cards that mean individual people? Some readers go by hair color, some by astrology signs, but what is the ideal way to identify people in the story I am following?

Tarot: You want to recognize people in the answers I give you, so when you practice you ask questions you know the answers to about people you know … people you know who are in situations you are familiar with. Donna is about to divorce David and she has unloaded on you about her situation. Ask me to describe how she feels. Ask what her intention is about her situation. Note which cards represent the way she feels.

Then ask what she is actually going to do. Here is where you find that what people intend, what people plan, what people THINK they are going to do … is not what they do, quite often. Being aware of these truisms sharpens your Tarot eyesight.

Make a study of these human interactions. Including your own. Ask “Why the hell did I DO that?” and “Why didn’t I do that?” Keep at it doing these things. Asking your own motives, THAT will grow you up!

ME: What else is important? I want to talk to you like I talk to myself.

Tarot: You got it. I am right there in your subconscious, the way you are programming yourself. When I am in your subconscious, I link you seamlessly to that data bank in the sky—to mass consciousness. Because that’s where I live: I am in mass consciousness. The best way to create this direct connection is to tirelessly ask questions you know the answers to about everything you can imagine. Really. You don’t dabble in Tarot if you want me to talk to you like you talk to yourself.

And read my pictures as words in a sentence. The picture registers in your subconscious, and the message that wants to come out is in your subconscious. They are right next door to one another there. You can pull them right out. Putting another context into the process just complicates it. (But that works too. Everything works: I manage to communicate with anyone.)

The words of the sentence, they are in your conscious mind since you were programmed that way when you were a toddler. You read your own mind when you read the pictures on my cards as words. It’s all right there in one cluster. You practice, practice, practice to get the knack of the Conversation.


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