If you have been doing Tarot for a few years, you have discarded some meanings you used to use and adopted some new ones. More than you think, probably. Maybe a review is in order? Maybe you can improve your game by re-adopting some interpretations you left behind and didn’t even notice.

For more than forty years, I have listed the Tarot definitions I use. I review the lists because they are on my site, and I work with them sometimes.

So I had reason to review them recently. Found some surprises there. THAT means WHAT?? Sometimes I was shocked and grabbed the eraser to delete an entry. Sometimes I was tickled to be reminded of that application.

Maybe a review is in order for your list too.

Let’s dig!


The Hanged Man

  Hanged Man reflects at least three myths that appear in different world cultures about the protagonist (main character) getting psychic...

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Since each card has a large spectrum of meanings, when you are expert enough to know a few hundred for each card, your Tarot responses are detailed...

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