EMPRESS, Rider Waite.

By her side is a shield-shaped like a valentine, which is what most people would apply it as, but it’s actually ancient Celtic porn graffiti of the back end of a female human bending over. On the shield is the symbol for female. The woman lies on a heap of cushions outdoor in the afternoon, nothing to do but lay back and relax.

This is the spoiled woman. The beloved. The ideal woman.

Based on the beliefs of the creators of the deck, a society of magicians, as the 3 in Major Arcana, this card is about fertility, about the birth resulting from the uniting of #1 and #2. So, the Empress is the main card for pregnancy and a pregnant lady. Empress embodies all the fertility goddesses, who were all pregnant, and who were all ‘promiscuous’ by modern definitions. This concept expands to Empress representing resources, even from a commodity point of view (stock market).