Weekly  Email Training Lessons

An Intimate Tour of Tarot,
as Three of Pentacles introduces you
to each of its deck-mates, one by one.
Get the feel, get the vibe, get the energy,
Get the full profile
first of each Tarot card, and then of
that card uniting with Three of Pentacles.
Get lists of their meanings
both as a single Tarot card
& as pairs of Tarot cards.

You’ll Receive Two Lessons Every Week!


If you enjoy Tarot, you will enjoy the lessons: They are written like Tarot Verbatim™ is, of course.

After some of these lessons, you get the knack of sensing what the spread is all about.

Each lesson has a list of words you can use as a reference in your readings.  Words that have appeared for the card or pair of cards before in the Tarot Verbatim site.  So you can use them as reference material in your spreads – and more every week.

Experienced readers report that Tarot Verbatim™ adjusts smoothly to whatever way they are reading now. It enriches their Tarot experience and their Tarot practice.

Rider Waite Tarot is a data bank from mass consciousness that you access with your subconscious, and Tarot Verbatim is the Rosetta Stone that creates a bridge from your subconscious to your everyday awareness … and the bridge gets wider and smoother as you continue using the highway. (It’s a Rosetta stone because your subconscious registers the image, and your daily awareness registers the words and phrases that image calls to mind.)

We have recently added a new series to the Lessons which will enable you to become a Certified Tarot Verbatim™ Reader! You’ll learn how to develop a business that can helps thousands of people navigate their lives through Tarot Verbatim™. This two year program will allow you to become a professional reader and one of the few readers on the planet who expertly use Tarot Verbatim™!

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Lessons Every Friday!

Now You’re really ready to learn TarotVerbatim™.

When using Tarot Verbatim for work as a tarot professional my readings have come to life. I’m no longer “reading” cards but interpreting a dialogue between tarot and the querent.  Clients are stunned to finally get answers that they have been seeking for years because the flat one-sided interpretations only scratch the surface.  Emily says that “Tarot wants to talk to you” and that is the truth,  Tarot literally means “truth” and the answers one can deduce using her system are like nothing I have ever seen before.  The “Tarot Verbatim” system can aid in making one wiser and more productive when it comes to being a tarot professional.  I have never seen anything like it, and though I will always be a lifelong seeker of tarot wisdom, I truly doubt I will ever find anything as useful and profound ever again.

– Diana Black