Become a Tarot Verbatim Reader!

We’ve taken the Email Training Lessons to a new level! Now you can become a Certified Tarot Verbatim Reader when you subscribe to our Weekly Lessons!

In addition to the Intimate Tour of Tarot, you will also become one of the very few Certified Tarot Verbatim readers!

Once you’ve learned each Card’s meaning and phrases, as well as how they interact with other Cards, you’ll learn how to Lay a Spread, how to develop your own business sharing Tarot Verbatim with your clients! This two year program is an unprecedented course in Tarot and not available anywhere else.

For those of you who simply want to enrich your own life by learning Tarot and are not interested in creating a business, these Lessons can give you the knowledge you seek. The first 78 lessons are all about Individual Tarot Cards, their meanings and how to read combinations. You can stop at anytime.

There are tens of thousands of Tarot readers on the planet. Through this course you’ll become a true professional reader using the revolutionary TarotVerbatim method!  For a $20 per month investment into your career, you’ll find success while helping others navigate life. Tarot Verbatim is taking Tarot to new level. Join the journey!

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I want to purchase, for $20 a month, two Lessons every Friday for three weeks, then four lessons on the fourth Friday every month from Emily that teaches me the TarotVerbatim method and how to create a TarotVerbatim readings service.  I understand the price is $20 a month. I understand that the Copyrighted materials I receive are mine to have but not to disseminate.