Two Card Combinations For Lovers

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Lovers and Major Arcana

Lovers Fool

Lovers Magician

Lovers High Priestess

Lovers Emperor

Lovers Empress

Lovers Chariot

Lovers Strength

Lovers Justice

Lovers Hanged Man

Lovers Temperance

Lovers Star

Lovers Sun

Lovers Judgement

Lovers World


Lovers and Cups

Lovers Ace of Cups

Lovers Two of Cups

Lovers Three of Cups

Lover Four of Cups

Lovers Five of Cups

Lovers Six of Cups

Lovers Seven of Cups

Lovers Eight of Cups

Lovers Nine of Cups

Lovers Ten of Cups

Lovers Page of Cups

Lovers Knight of Cups

Lovers Queen of Cups

Lovers King of Cups



Lovers and Pentacles

Lovers Ace of Pentacles

Lovers Two of Pentacles

Lovers Three of Pentacles

Lovers Five of Pentacles

Lovers Six of Pentacles

Lovers Seven of Pentacles

Lovers Eight of Pentacles

Lovers Nine of Pentacles

Lovers Ten of Pentacles

Lovers Page of Pentacles

Lovers Knight of Pentacles

Lovers Queen of Pentacles

Lovers King of Pentacles


Lovers and Swords

Lovers Ace of Swords

Lovers Two of Swords

Lovers Three of Swords

Lovers Four of Swords

Lovers Five of Swords

Lovers Six of Swords

Lovers Seven of Swords

Lovers Eight of Swords

Lovers Page of Swords

Lovers Knight of Swords

Lovers Queen of Swords


Lovers and Wands

Lovers Ace of Wands

Lovers Two of Wands

Lovers Three of Wands

Lovers Four of Wands

Lovers Five of Wands

Lovers Six of Wands

Lovers Seven of Wands

Lovers Eight of Wands

Lovers Ten of Wands

Lovers Page of Wands

Lovers Knight of Wands



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