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Fool’s illustration shows a person blithely about to skip off a cliff with his dog beside him on a fine sunny day, carrying a flower and no provisions for the pilgrimage. Nothing bad can happen to him; he is in the zone. That is why Fool can mean a clear mind, or to clear your mind.

Fool as the zero represents things, shall we say, in larval form? You could say Fool represents reality before the big bang. That is why it also means the inception, the beginning, to start anew, incipient. Fool is native to the spiritual dimension, not present physically, and therefore nothing physical happens to him: He is impervious to influence, like a kid, free-spirited and careless like a kid, optimistic like a kid. ‘Doin’ my own thing’ like a kid. He won’t fall over the cliff because he isn’t in the real world, and God protects Fools and drunks. Fool is free … of everything.

Fool represents the subconscious and superconscious.

In real Tarot practice Fool is unconcerned, not thinking. Fool is ‘forget it.’ What, me worry? I don’t care. Just let it be. Don’t even think about it. Assume. Or forget. May as well be oblivious, having no idea like a free-spirited youngster.

Here are Fool’s words for today: not one of; forget; didn’t have a part; what if; didn’t show up; playing no part; a free person; got started; are beginning; don’t even think of; let them; don’t worry; If there’s nothing in it for you; you haven’t really; what, me worry; I haven’t the foggiest notion; you can just not do it; don’t care; don’t even think about; I’m free to; why worry about; not being in; I’m free to; why worry; maybe; assume; I’m not about to.


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it is just so cool what you did…..
when i was 13 or so, i came in a bookshop across the crowley tarot and
was highly emotionally impressed. but i didn’t understood a single
thing that the books were saying. and now you come and everything
makes sense!!!!!

– Anika Hellriegel

Learn One Card Lesson – A Full Exploration of Fool

Immersion into Fool.  Know it intimately, not just ‘what it means.’  Experience its emotional tone, its spectrum of meanings and how they relate to its picture, what themes it belongs to, the things it says – and the words it says with certain other deckmates.  Experience all this in such a way you know where Fool fits into the Tarot story you are following.  You have ‘reached out and touched’ Fool.  Enough of this, and you are on your way to becoming an expert.  It all fits into how you are reading right now, and grows with you. This Tarot training is not you memorizing each of the 78 cards; it’s you getting the knack of being conscious of each illustration as it connects to other cards’ illustrations. That prompts your insight and gives you the knack of sensing (from the subconscious) what that set of cards is talking to you about.

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